Dizziness ~ occurs for some individuals during program

Can be a sign that blood pressure is normalizing due to the decrease of inflammation in the body. If on blood pressure medication, be sure to check your blood pressure every day and consult with your physician if your pressure begins to lower (you may over~medicated). Can be related to exhausted adrenal glands (dizziness upon rising).
Trace Minerals, B-Complex vitamins for adrenal support, or visit your local health food store for a specific adrenal supplement.

 ConstipationYou should have at least one bowel movement every day.

To insure proper elimination and proper absorption of nutrients:
  • Smooth Move tea can be taken at anytime during the program as needed.
  • Dr. Miller's Holy Tea is a detoxification tea and can be taken daily without negative side affects.
  • Drink plenty of water (1/2 your body weight in ounces)
  • Natural Vitality's CALM Magnesium drink can be a wonderful help as well
  • Some are able to take Benefiber with no problems (stalls or gains = stop fiber)
  • Chia Seeds ~ 1 to 2 Tablespoons each day
Diarrhea ~ Needing liver/gallbladder and/or intestinal support
Milk Thistle 400 to 2000 mg daily for liver  
L-Glutamine for intestinal health and Diatomaceous Earth for parasite control
Gallbladder pain/ digestive upset ~ Do the Liver Cleanse. A person who has sludge or stones in their bile ducts may have gallbladder/liver pain at some point in the program. If you have had gallbladder/digestive issues in the past, there is a chance these symptoms will elevate during or after any new dietary changes. Milk Thistle Herbal supplement 400 to 1000 mg. daily can assist greatly.
Heartburn/Acid Reflux ~
Milk Thistle 400 to 2000mg daily
HCL Betaine digestive enzymes with each meal.
Kidney Pain / Stones ~
Parsley Tea
Magnesium will balance excessive calcium
Drink higher alkalinity water 8.0 or higher ph
Fatigue ~ Common in the first week as detoxification occurs
Drink more water, stay hydrated. Continue with Whole Food Multi-Vitamin.
Yeast can cause fatigue ~ Culterelle pro-biotics for balancing can help
Fatigue during later stages of program ~
Minerals, multi-vitamins (helps with toxicity from fat soluble toxins being released)
Add extra protein (1 or 2 lightly boiled eggs)
Yeast can cause fatigue ~ Culterelle pro-biotics for balancing can help
Thyroid support (iodine, kelp) can assist with fatigue

Extreme Hunger ~ If you are experiencing uncontrollable cravings, there is an imbalance. As we ask the body to dig into the fat reserves (which the body has used to store toxic substances) the body may become depleted of certain nutrients. Whole Food Multi-Vitamin (this is required on the program, you can double your daily dose)Trace Minerals ~east can cause hunger ~ Culterelle pro-biotics for balancing can help immensely!