Gum Chewing and Mints

We recommend using this program to concentrate on other things besides our mouth!  If we do not break the habit of putting things in our mouth every minute of every day, we will never break the obsession and hold it has over us!!  When bad breath or a bad taste in the mouth is present, it can be a sign that more water is needed to flush toxins. Over time, the need for oral fixations slowly lessens.

Also, these products are made from "junk". Plain and simple, we are trying to glean a new "clean" perspective for eating and what we put in our bodies. The chemicalized sugars in these gums and mints are the reason that our brain chemistry is askew in the first place, so why create that situation again?  If you really need something for "bad breath" and adding extra water isn't helping ~ try sucking on a whole clove. suck on it until the "prickly" edges are soft, and then chew it! it is natural! Also, essential oils are great for this as well. Peppermint essential oil is a great breath freshener.

Most importantly, putting anything in our mouth is an indication to the body that the digestion process is beginning. If our body is constantly in a digesting mode, it takes the focus off of healing, restoring, repairing, eliminating, and regenerating. When are we, as a society, going to let our bodies do the things it was designed for?! If you happen to use gums and mints frequently, use this time to stop focusing on your mouth and let your body find a new level of normalcy.