Create Change

The key to Weight Reduction is to instill new habits that can be sustained for life.                        

              Weight Gain   vs    Weight Reduction

       Weight Gain Over Time                   

     Weight Reduction Over Time    

    1) Being a bit LESS Active      1) Being a bit MORE Active
    2) Eating tasty nutritionally VOID Food    2) Eating tasty nutritionally LIVE Food
    3) Thoughts that DESTROY healthy actions                         3) Thoughts that PROMOTE healthy actions 

       Weight Gain happens over time     AND    Weight Reduction happens over time 

Weight Gain is just a group of habits that, combined over time, create stagnant energy in the body.  The result is storage in the fat cells.  The sad part of this whole scenario is that it takes much more energy to release this stored fat, then it did to store it in the first place.  The release of this stored fat and the release of the energy it holds, takes effort and time.                                                                       

Weight Reduction takes the application of a new set of habits that, combined over time, create the release of excess energy in the body.  These new habits are going to be a change.  And, not just a temporary change.  These changes have to be sustainable for life.  

 So, let's explore this a bit more closely.  

  • What is the draw to food that is void of nutrition?
  • What is the draw to a sedentary lifestyle?
  • What is the draw to toxic/negative thoughts?
Whether you are willing to believe it or not, our food industry does not want us to reduce our expanding waistline.  They appear to be concerned with our health by using "healthy lifestyle" campaign ads, but really, they are only interested in the fact that we purchase their foods.  For them, it is only about the dollar. Period.  So what is our draw to their processed foods?  They taste good (sugar, flour, butter and salt, yum!), and the preservatives they use to keep these dead foods on the shelves longer are filled with chemicals that are addictive to us. That is the draw.  We are addicted.  We have been geared to be addicted to poor quality food, by the food industry itself.  
Whether you are willing to believe it or not, the food industry is aware that if we eat their food, we will be unable to remain active!  Those preservatives, chemicals, and food dyes change our motivation.  They restrict our capacity to be active.  When we ingest this type of food, we just don't have the drive we used to have.  These chemicals reduce our motivation and move us into a more sedentary lifestyle, where we relax ... and eat more.  This is the draw.    Less motivation equals less activity equals more time to eat addictive food.
Whether you are willing to believe it or not, these types of foods hinder our capacity to produce the neurotransmitters necessary for a healthy mind.  These types of industrialized foods interrupt our absorption of nutrition in our digestive tract. As a result, the "feel good" neurotransmitters (that are produced when we eat live food) never get produced.  We are left in a perpetual state of depression, fuzzy thinking, and a limited, or absent state of happiness!  When we are unhappy, we tend to overindulge in more, addictive foods. This is the draw. When we are not able to "feel good", we are not able to think good thoughts.  A poor state of thought is directly proportional to a poor state of food quality.  
The way out? Investigate the facts, research the truth , empower yourself.