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What is Phase 2 Balancing Blend?

Phase 2 Balancing Blend Drops

Phase 2 Balancing Blend is a unique blend of homeopathic elements, minerals, herbs and flower essences. 

Phase 2 Balancing Blend Drops are the next progression in the HCG weight loss world.  It is the safe alternative to HCG drops.

Phase 2 Balancing Blend Drops allow the Endocrine system to finally take a front seat through glandular support!!  "This is the kind of balancing we have needed all along."

Phase 2 Balancing Blend Drops are a revolutionary homeopathic blend containing herbal appetite suppressants and glandular support to help balance your system when combined with the Phase 2 Metabolic Reset protocol.

Glandular Support

The four glands supported by the Phase 2 Balancing Blend Drops are:

  • Pituitary
  • Adrenal
  • Thyroid
  • Hypothalamus

These glandular support ingredients together with the herbal appetite suppressants, support healthy metabolic management by reducing the appetite and supporting your metabolism and mood.

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